About Me

Writing has been a dream and love of mine for as long as I can remember, but I figured that’s really all it was a dream. So naturally, I did what anyone else would do. I joined the daily grind, went into the accounting field, and figured I’d keep my dream alive in the deepest caverns of my mind.

But little by little, that dream started to escape. I made a blog, a harmless little thing, just something for me to work out my writing ideas and style on. Something to help keep my dream alive in the most realistic responsible way I knew how. But, then I woke up and realized there was a light missing from my life, and it was writing. I longed to create characters, to hear their voices and the stories they had to tell. To weave each and every word until it made someone, anyone, even me, feel something so deeply I had to take a breath from its impact. To create a magical world.

That brings us up to current day. To me creating, weaving, and telling tales with the biggest most ridiculous smile on my face and a blue light filter for when inspiration hits you late at night.

Thank you for stopping by, and take care!

I’ve published my first book! If you would like to read it click here!