Dance Among The Stars


Sway with me among the stars.

Touch the planets and the sun.

Let the moons grace your lips,

Drink in the Stardust.

Let the comets be your candlelight,

The black holes are your darkness.

Darling, let this galaxy take you away.

Sweet Mother

Oh sweet mother,

Goddess of all that’s divine.

With your earth, grace, trees, and glory,

Bless us with your immaculate light

I Beg For Rain

I smile,

The gray, the white, the silver, the blues.

The sun, the iridescence of it all.

I smile,

Wings, fluttering, cawing,

Buzzing, breezing by.

I blink,

Sputters, coughing, inhale, pressure,


My head tilts up, and I beg for the rain.